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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning & Removal

DPF (Diesel particulate filters) or FAP (filtre a particules) are becoming more commonplace on most modern diesel engines. The purpose of the DPF is in order to reduce the exhaust emissions as required by European legislation.

The prime reason for a DPF is to reduce particulate matter entering the atmosphere. Particulate matter is found in the form of soot, which is produced during diesel combustion. The DPF traps most of the soot which would normally travel down the exhaust and into the atmosphere. The DPF can hold a certain amount of soot, but not a huge quantity and therefore it needs to go through a process called “Regeneration” in order to clear the soot loading. When the soot goes through a regeneration process it will be converted to a much smaller amount of ash. The ash is non-removable

We offer various different solutions for drivers of vehicles fitted with a DPF or FAP. We can offer a simple DPF Fuel Additive for first stage warnings to aid in cleaning out the dpf or to help regeneration, a DPF Cleaning Service or a full DPF Removal Service which would remove the dpf from the exhaust and function from the ECU (ECU Remap).

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